Terms and Conditions

Nationwide Training & Safety Services Ltd (NTSS Ltd) accepts bookings through our website, by telephone and email. In making bookings, clients accept these ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Bookings and Cancellations Policy’ as laid out below.

1) The Contract

These terms and conditions form your contract with NTSS. The contract is not completed until payment has been received and you have received email confirmation of receipt of payment and joining instructions. Please check carefully the joining instructions. Any error should be brought to our attention immediately or else the contents will be presumed to be correct.

2) The Course and our Obligations

NTSS agree to provide you with the training course indicated on the booking form. The course includes all necessary training to enable you to complete the course and obtain the relevant course qualification, provided you attend the course without interruption.

3) Payment

  • No booking is confirmed until receipt by NTSS of the full payment. Please note that places are limited and precedence will be given to bookings accompanied by full payment.  
  • Places on courses and dates requested when enquiring, are the availability at that time and cannot be confirmed, held or guaranteed until full payment has been received.
  • Online bookings placed are only confirmed on receipt of the e-mail confirmation with joining instructions.
  • Places on courses and dates requested are correct at the time of enquiry but cannot be held or confirmed or guaranteed until full payment has been received.
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current ruling rate.
  • The prices quoted at the time or on NTSS Ltd website are correct at the date of publication. Prices may vary due to demand and availability and NTSS Ltd reserve the right to adjust prices at any time and without notice.
  • At the time of any booking placed, NTSS Ltd will get a quote from any third parties e.g. translators, etc…. Any additional costs incurred will be at the expense of the client and will be charged upon NTSS Ltd receiving third parties invoices.
    In the instance of an unpaid invoice during your agreed terms. NTSS Ltd have a statutory right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 to add interest and late payment compensation to the sum outstanding.

4) Cancellation and/or Alteration by NTSS

Rarely, we may need to cancel with notice or on the day of the course or reschedule courses. We reserve the right to make changes after we have entered into the contract. However, if we have to make major changes to the course you have booked such as change of venue, or significant change in the duration or date of commencement, you have the following options:

1. Accept the new venue or date offered by us, or
2. Cancel your course and receive a full refund of all monies paid for the course only; we are not liable for any additional costs
incurred if you have booked accommodation, travel or leave from work.

You must notify us within five days of our offer of an alternative course and if you do not we will take it as you acceptance of the alternative course.

5) Cancellation by You

All cancellations must be made in writing by either letter or email prior to the commencement date of the course.
Any fees occurred by NTSS Ltd resulting from cancellations e.g. hotel fees, awarding bodies fees, course materials, specialist or peripatetic instructors brought in, etc…. will be chargeable.

If payment has been made and a refund is requested, no matter the notice given an administration fee and revision material fee (if supplied) will be incurred.

Cancellation fees for training courses or places cancelled for whatever reason will incur the following charges:



6) Attending the Course

You will receive an e-mail within 1 working day (unless booking is on the day prior to course start date), with your course joining instruction with all the details required for your course attendance.

You are required to check and notify us if you do not receive these (check Junk mail) or require any clarification within 1 working day of you booking the course.

You are responsible for travel to and from the training centre and should make adequate travel plans to arrive before the start time.

Late arrival may lead to loss of testing vacancy or exclusion from the course if the trainer decides that it will disrupt the course that has already commenced and will be fully chargeable.

Course times are ‘provisional’. In some instances, these times will vary due to factors out of our control. We therefore advise that you arrive at the course location at the given time and plan to be at the course location until 5pm.

Nonattendance of the course or training day will be fully chargeable for any reason.

NTSS Ltd accepts no responsibility for any miss-laid, lost or stolen goods. We advise that any valuables be left at homes.

NTSS Ltd provide adequate parking facilities at our training facilities for employees, customers and on occasions deliveries. We cannot guarantee that people who use our parking facilities will not cause damage to property and / or engage in criminal activity.

Accordingly, delegates park their vehicle in the car park at their own risk. We cannot and do not guarantee the security of delegates vehicle and / or its contents.

Where the course is other than theoretical or classroom based, delegates must provide their own workwear and equipment as is required to undertake the course (PPE). NTSS Ltd accepts no responsibility for delegates being unable to participate because of any shortfall or equipment omission.

Equipment owned by or leased / lent to the client must not be removed from the training environment. Any damage to NTSS Ltd equipment or property caused by delegates will be invoiced to the relevant client.

Where courses are carried out on NTSS Ltd premises, all delegates must conform to and comply with the Health and Safety Policy as laid down by NTSS Ltd and any inductions that they receive during their course. Breaches of this policy or inductions may result in the delegate being suspended or excluded from the course and premises.

Certificates are awarded at the discretion of NTSS Ltd, and only to those who successfully complete the course satisfactorily. At the discretion of NTSS Ltd instructor, delegates that have not achieved any element of the course may be allowed to complete, although this will still result in a non-achievement and the delegate will be required to re-take the entire course and pay the applicable fee.

The client must ensure that courses carried out at locations as specified by them has adequate room in which to carryout both the practical and theoretical elements of the course. NTSS Ltd reserves the right to and will charge 100% of the fee for sub-standard or inadequate premises and /or equipment. This includes but is not exhaustive to: inclement weather and where there is no alternative indoor space, in which to carryout the practical elements of the course. A designated room with enough space to seat all the delegates, dangerous and / or inappropriate equipment.

Consumption of alcohol or non-prescription drugs is not permitted during courses, nor should they be consumed immediately prior to courses.

NTSS Ltd will refuse entry onto courses any delegates who infringe this condition and will require them to leave the NTSS Ltd premises. Where a delegate is undergoing a course of prescribed drugs they should inform NTSS Ltd of the nature of the drug and any side effects. NTSS Ltd may then seek assurance that training can be carried out without risk. The decision of NTSS Ltd in relation to this is final.

Should a delegate have learning difficulties or require assistance / additional equipment to ensure safe delivery of training or assessment (i.e. seatbelt extensions), it is the responsibility of the Booking Company to address this at the time of booking.

7) Certification

The registration and issuing of certification and / or accreditation will only be recognised and delivered by NTSS Ltd once payment has been received and paid in full.

Names on certification / accreditation will be obtained from the profile form that delegates complete and while every effort will be made to make sure that the names are correct, NTSS Ltd does not accept any liability in providing replacement certification / accreditation due to incorrect spellings were the profile form is not clear.

Certificates will be posted to the address given on your booking from unless you inform NTSS Ltd in writing of a change of address.
NTSS Ltd are not responsible for providing replacement certificate(s) if standard post is selected at time of booking.

8) Complaints

If a problem or issue arises whilst you are on your course, you must raise it with NTSS Immediately on the day of the training by filling out a complaint form and every effort will be made to address this in a timely manner. If you fail to notify us of your complaint while on the course we will be unable to rectify the problem and can not be held liable.

9) Disruptive Behaviour

No disruptive, threatening or violent behaviour will be tolerated against any employee of NTSS or any other student. A breach of this provision will result in your immediate removal from the course without reimbursement.

10) Translators

Where the Awarding body requires the use of Accredited Translators, this will be at an additional cost payable by the client.
If the Translator is being supplied by the client, they must provide a copy of their accreditation or accreditation number. For CPCS Tests, Translators must be sourced from the approved company only. If this is not abided by, the test can only go ahead in English and full costs will be incurred.

11) CITB Grant / ATO Approval

CITB grant rates quoted cannot be guaranteed by NTSS Ltd and are subject to review by the CITB.

We are an approved ATO, meaning we can process the Short Duration Training Grant on your behalf. We must have your Company Levy Number, Candidates Full Name, DOB, NI Number and Registration Number at point of booking to ensure we can process this for you. Failing to supply this information at point of booking, may result in us being unable to process the grant on your behalf.

12) Awarding Bodies

All scheme rules will be abided by. Full costs will be incurred if the delegate(s) do not meet / follow the scheme rules. If you would like to see a copy of the scheme rules, please contact NTSS Ltd.

13) CPCS

To undertake a CPCS test the delegate is required to pass the relevant CITB health, safety and environment test within the last two years. If the delegate is unable to prove that they hold this qualification, they will not be allowed to undertake the CPCS tests that they have booked onto and full costs will be incurred.

If the delegate has been booked onto both their theory and practical tests on the same day or within 3 days of each other and failures to achieve their theory test, they are prohibited under the Awarding Bodies Scheme to take the practical test and full costs will be incurred.


To undertake an NPORS course the delegate is required to complete a profile sheet that demonstrates their experience. If they are unable to supply sufficient experience (it is recommended that delegates have at least 2 years prior experience) and have been booked onto an Experienced Worker Assessment, they will not be eligible to undertake and full costs will be incurred.

Where the delegate has been booked onto a shortened course and are unable to demonstrate sufficient experience as to why they are allowed to be on a shortened course from what NPORS suggest, full costs will be incurred and an additional payment would be required / agreed to, prior for the delegate to undertake any additional days required to complete their course.


To undertake a PASMA course the delegate is required to be able to be proficient in English so they are able to read out the instructions manual during the practical activity / test. Full costs will be incurred if the delegate is unable to undertake this activity due to poor level of English and NTSS Ltd was not informed during booking.

16) OSAT Delivery

Rates for OSAT NVQ’s are based on the number of visits as stated within the booking form. Should additional support be required, NTSS Ltd reserve the right to charge as required for both assessor time and expense. NTSS also reserve the right to charge as appropriate for cancelled NVQ visits.

If NTSS Ltd is unable to complete an NVQ for any reason (i.e. due to our assessor being unable to contact a candidate, gain access to site or if the work is not in the candidates work environment and being simulated) we reserve the right to charge anything up to the full amount of the NVQ; this is subject to our outlay / number of visits carried out etc…

If a candidate does not attend a site visit or cancels without sufficient notice (sufficient notice is as per our normal cancellation terms) then NTSS Ltd reserve the right to charge in full. No refunds will be given.

As soon as a candidate is inducted and are therefore deemed ‘on programme’ no refunds will be given, should they wish to withdraw.

NVQ registrations are valid for 3 years, NTSS Ltd does not accept any liability for the candidate not completing their NVQ within this time. The candidate will be required to pay again the registration fee from the awarding body and any subsequence fees occured e.g. administration fee, etc…

OSAT’s can only be carried out in the English Language. NTSS reserve the right to charge as appropriate if assessors find that the candidate is unable to proficiently communicate in English.

All other scheme rules will be abided by. If you would like to see a copy of the scheme rules, please contact NTSS Ltd.

17) Force Majeure

NTSS Ltd shall not be liable to the client or be deemed to be in breach of contract by means of any delay in performing or failure to perform any of the NTSS Ltd obligations in respect of the Services if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond NTSS Ltd reasonable control.

Additional Information

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time, and the terms and conditions prevailing at the time of booking will apply.