Cskills NVQ'S in Plant Operations


In order to progress from a CPCS or NPORS Red Card to a CPCS or NPORS Blue Card, an operative must complete an NVQ to a Level 2 competency.

This  involves the application of knowledge and skills in a significant range of varied work activities, performed in a variety of contexts.

Under CPCS scheme rules, an operative cannot re-take a test to get another Red Card, they can only progress to a Blue Card and to do so they must have an NVQ Level 2 qualification.

Ideally, the Red to Blue card transition will be completed by the operative during the 2 years that their Red Card is valid, however if the Red Card has expired in the last 12 months, a 12 month extension can be granted if the operative has registered for an NVQ.

If the operative Red Card has expired over 12 months ago, then the operative needs to complete both the NVQ and the Technical Test for each category.

This is a work based qualification to assess the operative’s knowledge, skills and competence in operating plant within the workplace. It consists of two mandatory units and a minimum of one additional unit. 

The mandatory units are:

  • Conforming to general, health, safety and welfare in the workplace,and 
  • Conforming to productive working practices in the workplace.

*Additional units are required for the relevant item of plant and are used to gain evidence of operatives understanding and practical skills of preparing and operating items of plant and machinery.

The operative will be assessed by one of our instructors in your/their workplace through a number of assessment methods such as observations, professional discussions, witness testimonies, written questions and work generated evidence.   

If you would like to book an NVQ, please contact us or request a quote.